Diet Coke Hunked up London Over Valentine’s Day

DietCokeBreak20 handsome hunks worked up a sweat in London’s financial district on February 13, setting office workers pulses racing as the much loved Diet Coke ‘Gardener’ ad was brought to life.

The financial heart of London was transformed into a carefree, place of indulgence as business women escaped from behind their desks to enjoy their own Diet Coke break, gazing on as the gardening hunks recreated scenes from the TV ad

The event celebrated 20 years since the first iconic Diet Coke ‘Hunk’ TV ad appeared on our screens and marked the return of the ‘Gardener’ TV ad onto our televisions tomorrow.

The Diet Coke break adverts have become a cultural phenomenon, celebrating women’s empowerment and creating an iconic character, the Diet Coke hunk. Today’s event echoed the adverts in more ways than one, causing women to swoon and men to take note.

In 1994, the steamy TV spot was the first of its kind to flip traditional roles of men and women and firmly cemented the 11.30am ‘break’ as the ultimate time to enjoy a refreshing Diet Coke with fun-loving friends.

Last year Diet Coke released the highly anticipated ‘Gardener’ TVC, which set tongues wagging and became one of the most talked about advertisements of the year. Renowned British model, Andrew Cooper, stepped into the iconic character as a flirtatious landscape gardener.

The Diet Coke break ads represent the empowerment of women and firmly cemented 11.30am as the time to share a Diet Coke with friends, whether that is the businesswomen of the ‘90s to the five friends of today. The world around them may change but women have fundamentally remained the same and as a result, the campaigns have become cultural milestones.

“We are excited to announce the return of the Diet Coke break. Since the late ’90s, the ‘break’ has given fans the perfect occasion to enjoy moments of fun with friends and this year, we will continue to reward these spirited and confident women,” Brid Drohan-Stewart, Marketing Activation Director, Coca-Cola Great Britain.

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