DinnerWire’s Mobile App Connects Foodies with Great Restaurants & Chefs

DinnerWire.com announced the dual launch of their mobile app and smart restaurant reservations system. The DinnerWire for Foodies app is now available for diners at the iTunes app store and Google Play.

Restaurants that submit a profile on the DinnerWire website get a free trial of a smart reservations system for one year.

The mobile app is designed for smart phone users to connect family and friends to their favorite restaurants and chefs. The app allows diners to rate and share photos of outstanding dishes, and to “vote” for top restaurants with an on screen “nudge.”

“We are changing the game. Now through our mobile app, and reservations system, restaurants and diners will work together to make the dining out even better. DinnerWire helps restaurateurs and foodies connect with each other like never before; actually helping restaurants build stronger relationships with new and repeat customers,” said Paul Katsch, founder and President of DinnerWire.

Features of the DinnerWire.com mobile app include locating nearby restaurants, checking in, following foodie friends and chefs, reviewing restaurants, highlighting favorite dishes using a smart phone camera, as well as sharing the simple restaurant rating tool with others.

DINNERWIRE.COM LOGOThe mobile app is designed for those new to DinnerWire.com as well as those already using the company’s platform to research various restaurants in their area.

At the DinnerWire.com website restaurants can upload their information, pictures, and logo- with links to FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus. Once a restaurant has submitted its profile, foodies can connect directly with the restaurant and start building a unique relationship with owners and chefs.

Restaurants that build their user profile get free use of the DinnerWire smart reservations system for one year. After the first year the reservation system is a flat $49 per month. (The online foodie profile is free for life for all restaurants, foodies and chefs).

We provide our reservation software; free of charge, to every restaurant for a year… all we ask is for them to help us, and themselves, by submitting their restaurant profile on our website. As DinnerWire grows and succeeds, that means restaurants grow and succeed, and foodies get a better restaurant experience… we are all in this together. Foodies and restaurants want to connect better with each other… DinnerWire is what they have been waiting for.

“Imagine going to a restaurant, and using the DinnerWire app to invite your friends to join you, then uploading pictures and interacting with the restaurant like never before—actually helping your favorite restaurants succeed, and get more customers.

“And for restaurant owners, we are much more than the existing expensive reservations services. With us restaurants attract new customers, without the ever changing fees and games,” concluded Paul Katsch .

DinnerWire is a privately funded social media site for foodies, restaurants and chefs.

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