Domino’s Launches on Snapchat with ‘Dough to Door’ Film

f1fe565c-8b20-485a-85d2-edea7017ae40Domino’s has bolstered its social-media presence by rolling out on messaging service Snapchat.

The pizza-delivery brand will promote its tie-up for 24 hours as a Snapchat Story, with the platform carrying a short video ad created by agency Iris.

The “dough to door” film charts the journey of a pizza-delivery driver who encounters an alien invasion. He succeeds in delivering the pizza to its destination, but the door of the house is opened to reveal it is inhabited by alien beings.

Activity will play on Domino’s ‘Greatness’ marketing platform, with viewers of the film shown a sequence of random letters that comprise a discount code that can be redeemed against an online order.

The campaign is being supported by promotion codes appearing across Domino’s other social-media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

In 2015 it became the first brand to use Tinder as part of a Valentine’s Day push.


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