Dr. Oetker Unveils World’s Most Remote Pizzeria in Dirk Hartog Island

To prove that any home can enjoy restaurant quality pizza, one of the most remote homes in Australia has been transformed into one of the world’s most remote pizzerias in a campaign by BWM Dentsu Melbourne and Dr. Oetker frozen pizza.

Kicking off with an integrated PR and digital approach, the campaign involved travelling to Dirk Hartog Island, the most western point of Australia, to open the ‘Remoté Ristorante’.

BWM Dentsu and Dr. Oetker RemoteRistorante1[1]The one night only exclusive Remoté Ristorante event took place on Sunday, 24 July, and was attended by locals and guests who travelled epic distances from around the country.

BWM Dentsu has released a film capturing the Remoté Ristorante launch, which will be seeded across online and social channels, and is to be supported by a print advertorial campaign.

Mark Watkin, managing director of BWM Dentsu Melbourne said: “Dr. Oetker proved to us that restaurant quality pizza was available at home, and in turn we were tasked with proving that to the rest of Australia. How better to demonstrate how accessible great pizza is than by opening up a pizzeria in one of the most remote parts of Australia? The kicker to all of this is, it’s frozen pizza. We’re changing perceptions of the category and bringing it back in to public consciousness as a viable, delicious, dinner solution.”

BWM Dentsu and Dr. Oetker RemoteRistorante2[1]Dirk Hartog Island is home to just five residents, Kieran and Tory Wardle and their three children, who unsurprisingly couldn’t enjoy a meal from a local pizzeria – until now.

Paula Wyatt, executive marketing manager of Dr. Oetker Australia added: “In the past, Australians have considered frozen pizza to be poor quality and bland, believing you can only get delicious pizzeria taste from an actual pizzeria. Remoté Ristorante challenges that view.

BWM Dentsu and Dr. Oetker RemoteRistorante3[1]“This campaign is an extension of our “Pizzeria at Home” campaign, the results of which have shown that consumer perception of frozen pizza is changing for the better. People who wouldn’t have even considered eating frozen pizza a few years ago, now enjoy it on a regular basis as a quick and delicious meal at home.”

The campaign kicked off from Monday, 25 July across digital, PR and a variety of social platforms.

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