evian Debuts New Video: Baby & Me

evian Natural Spring Water debuts its newest video, Baby & Me, as a follow up to the incredibly successful viral Roller Babies video from 2009 and Baby Inside from 2011.

Launching simultaneously in 14 countries, Baby & Me is poised to become the next internationally acclaimed video from evian.

The newest video campaign from evian continues to focus on the brand’s longstanding commitment to the Live Young lifestyle: that youth is not a matter of age; it’s an attitude.

Baby & Me aims to offer another vividly entertaining moment that shows us a reflection of our own personalities and inner youth.

Characters in the video are seen walking through a busy street when they suddenly meet with their inner babies in storefront window reflections.

Upon the initial discovery, the adult characters begin to interact with their inner babies resulting in an energetic virtual dance off with themselves, demonstrating the feeling of freedom, of letting go and spontaneity that Living young triggers.

EVIAN BABY & ME 2013“The babies embody ‘Live Young’, the evian mantra, and remind us that we are all youthful in our own, unique way. Babies are also the ultimate symbol of natural purity, exactly what evian water is.  This is why we are so excited to continue this iconic campaign in a fresh and entertaining way,” said Jerome Goure , Vice President of Marketing for Danone.

Produced by award-winning creative agency BETC, and directed by We are from LA, the Baby & Me video is remixed by electronic music producer, Yuksek for evian. 90’s dance hit “Here comes the Hotstepper” serves as the soundtrack to the new film, which instantaneously brings the energy of the video to life.

In addition to the Baby & Me video, evian will be launching a Baby & Me application mid-May. Available on Android, iPhones and Facebook, fans will be able to meet their own inner baby.

Developed by BETC Digital and software company, B-Reel, the application uses advanced facial recognition software allowing users to take their own photo and those of friends and upload to the application, which will then “babified” and reveal your inner baby.

Photos can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter to share with their friends, using #EVIANBABYANDME, which will be a globally used hashtag.

evian will also launch an international print campaign focusing on revealing your inner babies featuring celebrated tennis player, Maria Sharapova , and professional golfer Melissa Reid , who serve as international brand ambassadors for evian.

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