Family (and friends) Create Banding for a Nutty Little Challenger – Nut Junkie

Another nut butter then, when there are already upward of 20 brands on shelf in WholeFoods and other retailers. Surely a completely crazy idea?

Every category in the ‘healthier’ food and drink sector is stacked out and seemingly saturated. Where we once had information overload, we now have brand overload.

Nevertheless, off the half pipe flies The Nut Junkie – a hi-top jar full of nutrient dense nutty power. Genuinely raw, organic, no added sugars and all natural ingredients, just a small portion a day provides a mighty hit of minerals, vitamins and protein.

Consumer brand consultants Family (and friends) were tasked to the branding for this ‘Nutty Little Challenger’.

Derek Johnston, strategy director at Family (and friends) revealed: “Our job is the most challenging, yet exciting when trying to launch a new brand into crowded market. Our Client Sevi was up for being brave, so we gave birth to this slightly crazy baby!”

The brand mascot, who is yet to be named, symbolises the tiny but power-packed punch that the product delivers, along with a healthy dose of attitude, much needed in this fairly twee and worthy category.

But The Nut Junkie, founded by Naturopathic Physician Sevi Lawson, is more of an attitude to life than simply a product idea. She believes “food should be a simple joy, boosting nutrition in our daily lives, whether it’s on the commute, the school run or the ski-run!”

In thought, word and deed, The Nut Junkie aims to recruit a tribe of health conscious, active families that are looking to eat well, but without having to think too hard about it.

The brand is due to launch in March 2017 in selected delis and farm shops in the UK.

Source: Family (and friends)

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