Gallo Celebrates Modern Families with Launch of Family Crest Building Tool

Gallo Family Vineyards proudly announces the launch of the Gallo Family Vineyards Crest Creator. This fun and interactive microsite offers a way to create, share and download personalized family crests for all your families, whether they include the people you’re related to, or simply the people that you relate to in life.

At, 17 different family crest templates can be customized with 300 icons and a personal motto offering a seemingly unending way to make your family official.  The designs can be shared digitally via Facebook and Twitter and downloaded for family events.  Through a partnership with, the custom crests can be printed for purchase on a variety of objects making them an unforgettable personalized gift.

In a recent survey, a large majority (92%) of Americans noted that family could include someone unconnected by blood or marriage1.  This statistic came as no surprise to the family-owned winery that’s been celebrating American families for 80 years with its portfolio of approachable wines.  This evolving definition of family, now popularized by hit television shows and supported by real-life stories, was the inspiration behind its Crest Creator website.

GALLO FAMILY VINEYARDS FAMILY“We designed the Crest Creator to be something fun that pays homage to families, however they’re defined,” said Stephanie Gallo, third-generation Gallo family member and Vice President of Marketing at Gallo Family Vineyards. “It’s our way of saying thanks and celebrating all the families who have invited us to the table for the past eighty years.”

As the Winery for all your families, Gallo Family Vineyards surveyed Americans to learn even more about what makes a family, a family.

  • On average, Americans have three “found” families in their lives.
  • Seventy-six (76%) percent of Americans with a “found” family believe helping each other through tough times can make someone family, 74% noted understanding each other and another seventy-four (74%) felt relying on each other makes them family.
  • Sixty-one percent (61%) of “found” families have a tradition, with the top tradition being family meals.
  • Fifty-six (56%) percent of Americans with a “found” family would like to give them a personalized gift over a valuable gift.
  • Ninety-four (94%) percent of pet owners consider their pets to be part of their family.

Now, with the Gallo Family Vineyards Crest Creator, these families – whether defined by the roof they live under or the colors they wear on game day – can be commemorated with a family crest featuring the symbols that unite them.

The Crest Creator is just one part of the celebration.  The family-owned winery has adopted a new marketing platform, “For All Your Families.”

On September 26, 2013, the Winery launched an exciting multimedia ad campaign that’s reflective of the very active cultural conversation afoot around the changing definition of family.  The campaign features seven, real-life, quirky and endearing groups who colorfully demonstrate what it means to be a family today.

The “For All Your Families” campaign includes a Polar Bear Club, a Rodeo Family, a Work Family of Hairdressers, a Music Family of Ukulele Players, a Sports Family of Tailgaters, a Sports Family of Bowlers and a team of Competitive Bridge Players.

The multimedia ad campaign was created by BBDO San Francisco, Gallo’s long-time creative agency partner.

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