Giant “Lucky” Football Boot Made of 1,500 Pringles Cans

PRINGLES_BOOT_1As football-mania reaches fever pitch ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Pringles has unveiled a giant lucky football boot, which has been created from 1,500 Pringles cans, after research found 50 per cent of fans have a match day superstition.

In fact, Brits’ superstitions are reaching fever pitch:

  • Half of Brits surveyed have a footie match superstition
  • 50 per cent insist on sitting in the same ‘lucky seat’ to watch each match
  • 45 per cent will only drink from a ‘lucky’ pint glass
  • One in eight football fans believe hiding behind the sofa will increase their team’s chances of winning

In response, Pringles has created a giant lucky football boot from 1,500 Pringles cans, to bring luck to the England team and its superstitious supporters. Football fans across the country are invited to give the giant boot a rub for good luck as it goes on a whistle-stop tour across England ahead of the World Cup.

The 5.3 metres long, 1.8 metres wide, 1.9 metres high structure weighs 490kgs – taking a team of designers, sculptors and engineers 278 hours of manpower to build, and includes 1,500 cans of Pringles.

The boot would fit 960 normal pairs of football boots inside and is equivalent to a shoe size of 700.

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