Go Green with Snackamolé – the Natural Avocado Snack Promising to Take the UK by Storm

Snackamolé, the first pure avocado snack of its kind for busy people on the go, has been launched in the UK – promising to revolutionise healthy eating.

Created by flavour pioneers Born Tasty, award-winning Snackamolé is the newest and easiest way to get your avocado fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Made only from premium, ethically-sourced Hass avocados, the vegan-friendly pure avocado dip with just a hint of lime juice – and absolutely no artificial nasties – is a great source for one of your five-a-day.

Forget finding a perfectly ripe avocado and peeling, chopping and crushing it: the only thing you need to do to get your daily hit of nutritionally dense green goodness is peel the lid and enjoy.

The 100g tub also comes with a pack of low-fat popped chickpea and potato chips to scoop up the dip – making it a healthy, nutritious snack with 262 calories.

As well as the pure avocado dip, there is also a Snackamolé guacamole dip, which is a modest 224 calories for the dip and chips.

Richard Lakeman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Born Tasty, said: “After months of research and development, we’re very excited to launch this innovative, healthy and great-tasting snack. Containing nothing but pure avocado, Snackamolé is quickly becoming a favourite among busy people who want a daily dose of avocado without the fuss of preparation. Whether you just want a quick snack at your desk or you want to get a protein hit after the gym, this is the perfect snack to pop into your bag.”

Snackamolé is made in Mexico using innovative high-pressure processing (HPP) – an environmentally friendly cold pasteurisation technique that subjects the nutrient-rich fruit to water-transmitted pressure, which is equivalent to subjecting it to the same pressure at an ocean depth of 37 miles.

This cutting-edge technology eliminates the enzymes that cause the flesh to go brown and eradicates microorganisms, yet retains all the nutrients and the creamy rich flavour that avocado lovers crave.

Snackamolé has already picked up two industry awards; scooping the title of ‘Most Innovative Food To Go Product’ at Food Matters Live 2017 and receiving a ‘Silver’ Lunch Innovation Challenge Award last year.

Snackamolé is available in 270 Co-op stores, Budgens, Londis and Nisa. It retails for £2.50.

Source: Snackamolé

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