Grant’s Whisky Offers Customers Chance to Claim Historic Newspaper Front Page

Grants - historic newspapers - bottle and trade pack_0Grant’s Whisky is launching an on-pack promotional campaign offering customers the chance to get a reprint of the front page of a national newspaper from any historic day in the last century.

The campaign was created by Bray Leino and a brand partnership with Historic Newspapers devised. Each bottle gives customers to chance to claim a free front page print from any historic day since 1903 or get £20 off the cost of the entire paper.

The promotion will run on 1L and 70CL bottles of Grant’s Family reserve until the end of November and will be supported by PR, outdoor, digital and radio advertising.

Oliver Dickson, senior brand manager at Grant’s, said:

We need to be highly relevant and compelling when it comes to creative promotions, offering consumers something more than just price discounts. Communicating our extensive brand history and engaging with consumers at an emotional level is key to forging on-going loyalty in the blended whisky category.

The promotion follows in the footsteps of a previous on-pack promotion in partnership with, catering for its core market of family-orientated men aged 45+.

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