GROM Inaugurates London’s First Flagship Store Designed by JHP

Turin-based Gelato brand GROM has opened a Flagship store on London’s Piccadilly. The opening follows new Flagships in Milan and Turin, also designed by JHP.

Situated in a sophisticated Edwardian stone building, the large square space hosts an attention- grabbing 360-degree circular gelato counter which is home to an array of delicious flavours, running from classics to seasonally changing favourites of the month.

With 100% natural ingredients, GROM’s gelati, granite and sorbets are made from fresh, high- quality produce, sourced from their own organic ‘Mura Mura’ farm just outside of Asti.

This is an utterly unique and extraordinary place and a must visit destination for anyone visiting Central London. Since its opening, GROM’s Piccadilly store has received global media attention as well as outstanding customer feedback.

Source: JHP

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