Gü Puds Ad Encourages a Break-up for Those Single Desert Moments

01_gu_singles_-_landing_pageGü Puds is celebrating solo diners in a bid to promote the launch of its ‘single’ serve desert packs.

An outdoor campaign, created by Publicis Chemistry, will be showcased on Facebook advertising and 4oD, acknowledging the logic – and benefits – of single dining.

The bold copy asserts Gü Puds are worth breaking up for.

Emma Rush, head of client services, Publicis Chemistry said: “There’s a real stigma around eating on your own. Pathetic, lonely, depressing… Or brilliant! We’ve created some engaging and humorous content that aims to inspire anyone lucky enough to have the chance to savour a solo pud moment.”

Chris Heyn, head of brand, Gü Puds, added: “This campaign has had us laughing since the first time Publicis Chemistry shared it with us. We’re looking forward to seeing what the humour and unexpectedness will deliver for our new Single Puds.”

Among the break-up lines are “You bought OJ with bits in? We’re done” and “That shirt with those shoes? We’re done.”

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