HO HO HO! Out for Dinner We go!

getWaiter!, the smartphone app which makes it easier for diners to call their waiter, has found that more of us would sooner opt for stress-free over stressful this year. More people will eat out for their main Christmas meal, with favourite menu choices being the traditional Turkey dinner, Indian cuisine and steak.

As it takes 47 years to perfect cooking a Christmas dinner without any mishaps, it’s expected that more and more consumers will follow the trend over the coming years.

The study found a third of women never cook a festive meal without drama with one in ten admitting they mess up the gravy and 9% forgetting to defrost the turkey.

getWaiter! co-creator Paul Tombs said: “More people than ever are ditching their aprons in favour of eating out this Christmas to minimise the stress of cooking the festive feast. Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for restaurants and with more of us choosing to eat out this year, it’s evermore important for that in-restaurant dining experience to be polished to provide consumers with the magical festive episode that they’re looking for.”

His co-creator Dominic McGuinness added: “getWaiter! helps restauranteurs to better manage busy Christmas environments by ensuring the attention of waiting staff can always be easily gained by diners, increasing efficiency and improving customer service no end.”

getWaiter! is a new smartphone app (for both Android and iOS) and internet-based portal for consumers and merchants, which offers radically improved customer service in the hospitality industry by making it easy for diners to call their waiter. Designed to work in any business that offers customer-focused service – from restaurants and hotels, to bars and cafes – getWaiter! is an essential tool for organisations striving to provide quick and attentive waiting service for their customers.

Being rolled out in restaurants, bars and hotels this winter, getWaiter! is set to revolutionise customer service in busy dining environments.

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