Hospitality Design Specialists DesignLSM Unveil New Brand for 39 Steps Coffee Haus

DesignLSM unveiled their latest branding project for new to market speciality coffee chain ‘39 Steps Coffee Haus’; creating a name, brand strategy, packaging, merchandise and uniforms.

Drawing on their reputation for offering a holistic approach to hospitality and retail design, the design experts were approached to create a brand identity and name for a new global speciality coffee and sandwich concept starting its journey in London. The brand needed to appeal to a wide global audience seeking an authentic and honest ‘coffee experience’, great service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

DesignLSM introduced the following Tone of Voice attributes to the brand, which guided the brand narrative and implementation:

  • Passionate – about coffee making
  • Artisan – coffee that offers customer new taste experiences, through unusual brewing techniques and surprising flavour combinations
  • Obsessive – about the way coffee is sourced, brewed and served
  • Ethical – beans sourced from independent growers in India, Brazil, Mexico and El Salvado, selected by the brand’s head roaster
  • Modern – delivery

Naming & Brand Narrative

It takes 39 steps for the brands coffee to be expertly crafted from germination to bagging for consumption. The origins of this concept were borne from the owners’ commitment to this journey and process, the provenance and roasting; alongside their precision and obsession to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Creative Direction

The brand mark itself is a graphic visual of the journey and steps. The inclusion of the word ‘haus’ is a reference to the brand’s German roots. The colour palette of burgundy and oatmeal reflects the colours in the coffee making process from seed to cherry to bean.

DesignLSM introduced a unique visual language for the brand, based on 39 individual icons, illustrating the 39 Steps from bean to cup. This has been introduced to all merchandise and packaging including Tote bags, cups, coffee packaging and mugs, as well as all digital delivery.  The Soho interiors, also includes an environmental wall graphic using these icons as a statement wall feature, communicating the brand story to customers.

The agency were also responsible for the creation of the interior design, taking reference from, and visualising the brand narrative, to provide a coherent and inclusive environment in which customers can enjoy their ‘perfect’ cup of coffee.

“It was exciting to uncover that it took 39 Steps for our morning coffee to reach our cups, and it was this discovery that underpinned our creative process,” said Lead Designer, Rebecca Ford.

“We enjoyed working with DesignLSM, who really  took the time to understand our business, listening to our feedback and producing innovative concepts. The brand strategy for 39 Steps has given us a very clear creative direction for our new concept. DesignLSM is a valuable and reliable partner for our business,” added Ali Solak, Co-Founder and Managing Director,  Blake Consultancy.

Source: DesignLSM

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