HungryHouse Celebrates the Real Meaning of Takeaway in New TVC has launched the second instalment of its winning Tap & Taste TV campaign, owning the real meaning of takeaway and sticking to their brand direction with the continued focus on quality food and enjoyment together with friends in a flatshare environment.

The online food ordering platform has introduced Chinese as the cuisine following the Curry TVC, which launched in October and proved to be its best performing advert to date, and continues to use elements such as visual food preparation scenes and carefully selecting a now mixed gender cast that resonates with a large proportion of its users.

hungryhouse celebrates the real and authentic meaning of takeaway in this year’s TVC, using fresh food, authentic restaurants and chefs on the platform to celebrate the quality food on offer while it has adapted the fun dynamic of the setting with a mixed houseshare environment that resonates with a large proportion of its users, as they fight over the last spring roll or pounce for a prawn cracker.

In this last year the brand has worked to carve its own identity in the market, owning the moment of sharing a quality takeaway and the true essence of sharing your favourite dish at home with friends, and this can be seen in a number of their integrated marketing materials including its rich and messy flat lay food spreads, which has proven to have a positive impact with an impressive increase of brand awareness from 53% to 73% in the past 12 months.

Known for using authentic takeaway food from its restaurant partners across their deliverables, and for the latest advert they enlisted a new Director of Photography, Peter James, to help really emulate that moment a takeaway is prepared through rich food shots which gets the viewers really craving a Chinese.

HungryHouseFor a consecutive year the brand worked with Welsh agency Wordley Production Partners, following previous success and their continued understanding of the core values and target audience of hungryhouse.

Alice Mrongovius, Marketing Director, comments: “This second instalment to our already successful campaign really cements our brand direction and emulates what we’re about at hungryhouse. Good honest, hearty and hot takeaway enjoyed and shared with your friends is a moment we all know and love and have used across all our marketing messaging. Plus, how can you not log on to the app after seeing those beautifully prepared beef noodles!”

Hardey Speight, Wordley Production Partners comments: “Shooting this year’s new hungryhouse ‘tap and taste’ spots was hungry work! With a script tightly crafted to maximize food appeal this spot is all about trying to reflect a truly authentic takeaway experience. We cast a bunch of lovely people, who clicked straight away, and felt like mates tucking into a feast together, everyone grabbing at their favourite dish, sharing their favourite dishes, and loading up their plates.

Once again it was amazing working with hungryhouse, they truly know their takeaway and it was a great team effort. I think we really captured the atmosphere of authentic takeaway and I’m chuffed the final outcome has so much energy and fun – I can’t wait to see it on air!”

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