Ignite Your Snack Sales With New McCoy’s Fire Pit Sizzlers

700132_McCoy's Firepit Sizzler Variety 6 pack_low res.The UK’s number one ridged crisp is bringing the authentic taste of the BBQ to snacks aisles this summer with the launch of its New McCoy’s Fire Pit Sizzlers – a new range of crisps that deliver a superior taste for the perfect male snack.

McCoy’s Fire Pit Sizzlers consists of three mouth-watering new flavours tap into the growing food trend for American-style, fire-based cooking and dining that’s surging in and out of the home; Hickory Smoked BBQ Ribs, Buffalo Chicken Wings and Grilled Cheese.

700131_McCoy's Hickory Smoked BBQ Ribs 6 pack_low res.Currently worth a significant £100m in retail value sales, McCoy’s is confident the new flavours will appeal to its loyal male audience, and follows the introduction of the McCoy’s Ultimate range earlier this year – already worth an impressive £2.6m.

George Johnston, Marketing Director at KP Snacks comments: “We understand the importance of leading the category, keeping things fresh and continuing to develop new flavours which we know will be a hit with our consumers. McCoy’s Fire Pit Sizzlers are the perfect snack to enjoy on-the-go or at home, watching the many big sporting occasions and events this summer.”

McCoy’s Fire Pit Sizzlers are available now in two six-pack multi-packs (variety and 6 x Smoked BBQ Ribs) with an RRP of £2.09.

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