IHOP Releases ‘Declaration of Pancakes’ via New Campaign by Droga5

IHOP launched a new TV and online campaign called “Declaration of Pancakes” to promote everyone’s favourite upcoming holiday: IHOP National Pancake Day, which the restaurant will celebrate by giving away free pancakes to everyone in America.

The spot, created by Droga5 New York, opens on a scene reminiscent of 1776 and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Founding Fathers are gathered around a table in a moment of great significance, reflecting on the momentous occasion and what the signing will mean for all Americans.

We soon learn that the Founding Fathers are gathered not for independence on this occasion, but for pancakes. Just as the first quill strikes the parchment for the signing of this historic bill, the Founding Fathers are interrupted by a disgruntled museum security guard.

All of a sudden, we realise that we’re not watching a scene from 1776 at all. We’re watching a team of pancake enthusiasts who have hijacked a museum exhibit to carry out an elaborate cosplay in the name of IHOP National Pancake Day.

The spot was shot with director, Randy Krallman, and production company Smuggler. The 30-second and 15-second cuts of the “Declaration of Pancakes” spot will run on TV US-wide, while the long-form will run online and across social channels.

Source: Little Black Book

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