Impero Helps Beefeater Gin’s New Launch Look Pretty in Pink

The Gin Hub has appointed Impero to launch its newest product – Beefeater Pink. The campaign first launched in Spain – the world’s 2nd largest market for gin – and will roll out to 12 additional markets over the summer.

Impero has developed an entirely new visual identity for the gin as well as a full creative campaign, which spans out-of-home, digital, on-trade and social media.

Michael Scantlebury, Creative Director at Impero, said: “With the gin market booming and new products launching on a weekly basis, half the battle is standing out. The Beefeater Pink campaign is designed to be bold and to disrupt – as well as to inject a bit of youthful fun back into gin. We’re embracing Beefeater’s fashionable London roots, curating Beefeater Pink as a vibrant and urban lifestyle brand. The fact that Beefeater cares more about what its consumers want, and less about the category norms, has resulted in a highly visual, fun, energetic brand world that we’re excited to share.”

On the Beefeater Pink work, Eric Sampers, Global Brand Director at Beefeater said: “We’re excited to finally launch the campaign for Beefeater Pink, as this product has been a labour of love for our Master Distiller Desmond Payne. We didn’t want to rush to market to keep up with competitors, because we felt it was important to get the new product just right. The work Impero has created for the launch is exciting, and truly embodies what Beefeater Pink stands for: youthful, vibrant, fashionable and fun – opening the doors to younger, more adventurous gin consumers.”

Created by Master Distiller, Desmond Payne MBE, Beefeater Pink is based on the traditional Beefeater London Dry gin with the addition of strawberries to complement the classic Beefeater flavours.

Beefeater Pink enhances gin drinking experiences by stretching the brand from B&Ts (Beefeater & tonic) to more visually vibrant drinks such as Beefeater Pink and tonic, Beefeater Pink Daiquiri, Beefeater Pink and orange tonic, and Beefeater Pink Collins.

Impero is a London-based creative agency with experience in the drinks market. Amongst other work, they are responsible for the Beefeater London Dry gin global rebrand – which redefined the brand and targeted a younger generation of gin drinker.

Source: Little Black Book

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