Innocent Super Smoothies Show Drinkers How to Live on the Bright Side

A new campaign created by experiential marketing agency Sense for innocent shows drinkers how to live on the bright side by bringing the brand’s latest Super Smoothie ad to life in London and Manchester.

The interruptive activity featuring choreographed artists is a direct play on the most recent ATL campaign, which shows a woman dancing her way through a fountain.

“We want to show people the boost of energy our Super Smoothies give you,” said innocent Super Smoothie Brand Manager Heidi McDonald, “but it was important to us to do that with something tangible that lives in the real world, and not just a TV ad.”

Commenting on the activation, Senior Account Manager Joanna Wharton at Sense said: “By hosting something so playful and colourful in two beautiful locations, and handing out free super smoothies while we’re there, we hope to bring a bit of upbeat innocent charm to thousands of people.”

The activity is live at intervals throughout the day on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 April in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London and Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

Source: Sense

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