International Delight Releases Oreo-Flavoured Coffee Creamers

Recently, International Delight started selling half-gallon jugs of Oreo-flavoured iced coffee, on sale for a limited time at grocery stores like Walmart.

Clearly they were happy with the performance of the coffee, because now they have launched an Oreo-flavoured coffee creamers.

Starting July 18, International Delight Oreo Cookie-flavoured creamer will be in grocery stores US-wide. Unlike Coffee-Mate’s 2017 cookies and cream creamer, this one was actually made with Oreo’s parent company, Mondelez International.

The 32-ounce bottles will be sold for around $3.29 and have about 63 servings per bottle. Each serving, which is one tablespoon, contains 63 calories — equal to about one and a half sandwich cookies — and five grams of sugar.

Source: International Delight

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