It’s Time to Experience Kavalan with Distillery Select

Drinkers can now purchase a whisky from award-winning Taiwanese distillery – Kavalan, at US$59 RRP 43% ABV in the US and 49€ 40% ABV across Europe.

Kavalan CEO Mr YT Lee said the newly launched 700ml “Kavalan Distillery Select” had a good price point and was aged in some of the world’s finest refill casks within Yilan’s climate, creating an elegantly balanced drop with notes of soft toffee and lively fruits.

Kavalan’s distinct fruity flavours are green apple, mango, pineapple, and cherry. Master Blender and Global Brand Ambassador Ian Chang said people could rely on Kavalan’s consistency of quality. “Kavalan is known for quality, because this is our focus. But now, with Distillery Select, we are giving people quality at a very good price,” he said.

Japanese distributor Lead off Japan’s brand manager Mr. Kim said: “Kavalan Distillery Select is a high-quality expression and the price is far less than its value.”

European distributor La Maison du Whisky’s CEO Mr Thierry Benitah said Distillery Select “expressed Kavalan at its best.”

“Smooth and elegant on the nose with lots of fruits,” he said. “Rich and complex in the mouth with sweet vanilla and toffee notes. Not only a great sipping whisky, it is also a unique mixable single malt.”

US distributor Hotaling & Co. president and CEO, Dennis Carr said: “Kavalan Distillery Select meets the demand for a Kavalan to satisfy both the single malt purist who wants it neat or on the rocks, and for the cocktail enthusiast. In less than a decade of making whisky, the Taiwan distillery has received worldwide acclaim and now has 23 varieties with the introduction of this new style.”

Source: Kavalan

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