Jägermeister Unveils New “Be the Meister” Campaign and Band Identity

Jägermeister unveils a new global positioning, identity and campaign, marking the first major rebrand in its history. Currently being launched in the US through a creative platform, coined, “Be the Meister”, the new campaign encourages consumers to be meisters of their own lives, with the mantra, do what you do masterfully and you can live by your own rules. The repositioning draws from the distinct characteristics of Jägermeister’s heritage – spirited irreverence and product perfection – to transmit a unique side of the brand’s German provenance to the millennial audience.

Curt Mast, the original master (meister) of Jägermeister, created the iconic spirit with one thing in mind, perfection. He went to great lengths to achieve the perfect blend of 56 herbs and spices; stopping at nothing to get there. The notion of perfection remains at the forefront of the new campaign, representing the brands blend of mastery and boldness, highlighting the spirit the way it was intended, chilled to perfection, and drank at -18 degrees Celsius.

“The re-launch celebrates the storied past and bright future of Jägermeister. Across every touch point, consumers will experience our irreverent spirit and commitment to crafted German perfection,” explains Chris Peddy, CMO, Mast-Jägermeister US. “The new identity marks an exciting time for the brand. It’s not the most expected direction, but then again, Jägermeister has never ran with the herd. Expected isn’t Jägermeister’s thing.”

Created in partnership with its lead advertising agency, Opperman Weiss, Jägermeister’s new positioning and campaign kicks off with a national television commercial (TVC) that draws from the revelers of the underground bars and clubs of modern Berlin. With a bold and dark new look, the TVC is part of a multi-faceted communication campaign to both introduce the “Meister” concept as well as the key product benefit of the “Perfect Serve”.

The spot takes viewers on a journey into a whimsical German nightclub where the crowd is led in a toast by the ‘Meister of Cold’, played by supermodel, Nadja Auermann. Together they celebrate the herbal spirit, chilled to perfection at -18 degrees Celsius, before proceeding with a night of irreverent perfection.

“It takes a courageous client to tap into their heritage and provenance in such an irreverent way, but Jägermeister is just the brand to do it – it’s in their DNA to be on the edge” remarks Jeff Weiss, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Opperman Weiss. “This Bauhaus–inspired glimpse into the Berlin underground is an own-able, modern way for the brand to maintain its category leadership while solidifying its position as a truly refined spirit. This is no doubt a pivotal time for Jägermeister.”

Following its television debut, Jägermeister’s new positioning will continue to roll out across the US in print, out-of-home and digital, as well as through in-store and on premise bar activations.

Source: Jägermeister

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