John West Launches Fiery New Range with ‘Chef Bear’ in New Campaign

Cummins&Partners and John West have launched a campaign for the new Special Edition Fiery Range fronted by an unlikely celebrity chef – the brand’s much-loved mascot, Kodiak bear.

The Lunchtime Social Feed sees ‘Chef Bear’ prepare four recipes, with the kitchen mayhem producing results that only a wild animal could achieve.

Ryan Willett, brand manager, Simplot Australia said: “This is a very competitive category and with social feeds dominated by cooking videos, using our biggest brand asset to create some cut through made a lot of sense.”

Ben Couzens, ECD, Cummins&Partners, Melbourne said: “The idea is very simple. People like watching cooking shows and people like wild animals. We combined the two with some pretty entertaining results. And with nearly 2 million eyeballs on these films in just one week, it has struck a chord. Oh and no animals were harmed when filming…. just a couple of avocados.”

The Lunchtime Social Feed continues across Facebook, YouTube, digital and

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