JWT Singapore Launches Kit Kat’s Mind Powered Art

KitKat2To showcase the power of a Kit Kat break JWT Singapore and Nestle are wiring up students with headsets that track their brainwaves while they eat a Kit Kat bar, and then generate a unique piece of art that reflects their state of mind.

The “Break Art by Kit Kat” campaign, which is travelling to campuses across Singapore over a seven-week period via Break Art Live, combines an EEG neuroband, which gauges relaxation levels, and a bespoke software program created by JWT that generates art that’s individual to each person’s brain activity.

Students who enter the ‘brain booth’ get to see exactly what happens to their brain, after they have consumed Kit Kat, and get to take home a personalized piece of art created by their own mind. Participants also receive a canvas tote or badge bearing their individual creations.

“We always knew that Kit Kat is a great way to take a break and get you in the mood for whatever is next.  Now we have the technology to prove it,” said Alan Leong, Associate Creative Director at JWT Singapore.

A group of influential personalities, including DJs, bloggers and actors created their brain-wave creations at invite-only events earlier in July. “The Break Art was very cool and interesting, and I liked the art I created. It was very sensitive to how I was feeling. Especially after having the Kit Kat, I could see a whole lot of difference,” said Velda Tan, fashion and lifestyle blogger and co-founder of Love, Bonito.

KitKat3Not only do users get to enjoy the positive effects taking a break has on their mind and well being, they also get rewarded by Kit Kat for taking breaks! People who share their Break Art on their timeline or participate in the Kit Kat Smile Maker or Smile Challenge earn Kit Kat dollars, which they can redeem for Break Art merchandise, including a limited edition Nooka watch, on a new Kit Kat Social Store, set up online for this campaign.

“Kit Kat is constantly looking for innovative ways to reach out to our core target audience, which are Youths aged between 18 – 24 years old. Break Art by Kit Kat is the first time a brand has managed to showcase how having a break has physical changes to one’s brain waves, and this further strengthens the Kit Kat message that taking breaks is important and good for you. Our Smile Maker app on Facebook also reinforces our brand essence of putting the smiles in people’s breaks. We hope that Break Art by Kit Kat will help entrench Kit Kat as the brand that youths want to have breaks with,” said Magdalene Tan, Group Brand Manager at Nestle Singapore.

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