Kellogg’s New Campaign Encourages More Family Time on Mothers’ Day in Thailand

Kellogg’s Southeast Asia launched a heart-warming social experiment to celebrate hard-working moms and their kids’ appreciation for them, for Mothers’ Day in Thailand on Sunday 12th August. The video, by J. Walter Thompson Singapore, has already garnered some 1.3 million Facebook views via the Kellogg’s Thailand page and KOL’s.

Based on research conducted by Kellogg’s, it became apparent that many parents, especially mothers, are too busy to enjoy breakfast in the morning. And with women comprising almost half of the country’s overall workforce, Thailand has the highest percentage of working women in the region.

“We wanted to not only celebrate the number of amazing women who juggle both motherhood and career, but also to encourage families to find and take the time to have breakfast together,” explains Anoop Abraham Managing Director, South East Asia. “For over 100 years Kellogg’s cereals have been an integral part of people’s morning routines all over the world and we want family breakfast to be part of daily life in Thailand. Sharing breakfast together not only leads to a better day overall but also helps nourish your child’s greatness.”

Gaurav Lalwani, General Manager and Regional Business Director, J. Walter Thompson Singapore said, “We partnered with Kellogg’s to create a social experiment, prompting people to the realisation that missing breakfast with Mom means missing out on fun time with her. And by reminding families of this, we aim to remind everyone that breakfast time is quality time.”

Farrokh Madon, Chief Creative Partner, J. Walter Thompson Singapore added, “We wanted to create not just a film, but a movement. Mother’s Day should signal not just one day when we make moms feel good, but a day from which mums begin to enjoy every morning with their kids.”

The video shows a group of young children answering a range of questions about their moms’ jobs, favourite animals and pastimes – and then ‘What does your mom like to eat for breakfast?’ resulting in the realisation that their mothers are usually too busy to enjoy breakfast with the family.

Their working moms are then paged to a meeting room where a Mothers’ Day surprise breakfast awaits them, and their children pledge to help out more in the mornings, to free up more time for family breakfast.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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