Ketel One Vodka Launches “You Don’t Understand, It Has To Be Perfect” Campaign

bottle-still-18-hrAt the heart of Ketel One Vodka lies one family’s unwavering passion for crafting the world’s finest spirits. Inspired by over 325 years of distilling expertise, the Nolet family brings old-world pot still craft and modern distilling techniques together in one flawless process. From Joannes to Jacobus to Carolus Sr., creator of Ketel One Vodka, to Carolus Jr. and Bob Nolet today, each of the 11 generations of Nolet family distillers is tasked with upholding a legacy of distilling excellence. Some may consider the Nolets a little obsessive, but those individuals just don’t understand. Everything must be done with meticulous attention to detail, because the family name is riding on every bottle of Ketel One Vodka.

“We take our work very seriously, not ourselves,” said Carl Nolet Jr., 11th Generation Nolet Family Distillery. “The stories we tell are all true and based on family events, beliefs and the pressure of upholding 11 generations of legacy for generations to come.”

From this truth, a new campaign was born. Developed in partnership with Barton F. Graf, Ketel One’s new 360 marketing campaign “You Don’t Understand, It Has To Be Perfect” has fun with generational pressure and its result: the obsessive attention to detail and great lengths the Nolet family goes to in order to ensure every batch of Ketel One Vodka is perfect.

This campaign represents a first glimpse at the authentically Dutch and witty side of the Nolet family. Speaking to the next generation of vodka distillers, the series of eight humorous “training videos” directed by Canada made its national TV debut on Monday, November 21st, airing on a number of networks.

In addition to the reach Ketel One will garner through high impact TV, the films will live in digital, primarily on YouTube, Hulu and programmatically across the web. OOH and social media, principally Facebook and Instagram, will also serve as touchpoints for the campaign.

virtual-reality-bottles-of-ketel-one-vodka-24-hrFamily tradition, heritage and perfection are themes woven through the fabric of the new campaign from Ketel One that sets out to bring its unrivalled family legacy and pioneering quality credentials to consumers in a bold, engaging and distinctive way.

Carl Jr. stated, “Consumers don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Through this campaign and our new Virtual Reality experience, consumers can now experience first-hand why Ketel One is made the way it is.” The category is saturated with products flaunting claims about how they are made. However, unlike Ketel One, very few have an authentic explanation for why they are driven to create quality spirits. “Lucky for us, we have a true story to tell about living up to a legacy, striving for perfection in every batch, and the pressure to please one’s family,” said Carl. “These motivations are universally relatable. My family and I are proud of what we have achieved over the last 325 years, but rest assured, we are just getting started.”

moscow-mule-28-hrThe witty tone of voice, spirit of perfection and meticulous attention to detail will inform all future initiatives for Ketel One Vodka. This includes cocktail strategy, consumer events and bartender engagement. “We have always considered talented bartenders around the world part of our extended family,” said Carl Nolet Jr. “As gatekeepers of the brand, bartenders have been vital in making Ketel One Vodka one of the world’s most recommended vodkas, and we will continue to learn from them.”

Much like the Nolets, today’s bartending community is obsessed with perfection. A new cocktail program, Perfect Pour, celebrates the great lengths and painstaking attention to detail bartenders demonstrate when crafting some of the world’s most celebrated cocktails with one of the world’s top trending vodkas, Ketel One. Blended together by a family of diverse bartenders, contemporary cocktail recipes inspired by tradition are at the heart of the program.

For many years, the Nolet Family Distillery has opened its doors to tens of thousands of visitors. “Seeing is believing,” said Nolet Jr. “For anyone travelling to Holland, please come and visit us at the Nolet Family Distillery where Ketel One Vodka is made. It is a privilege to open our distillery doors physically and now virtually, inviting all to come see the care, attention and expertise fully on display.”

Progressive since 1691, the Nolet family continues to respect tradition while infusing modern sensibility into everything they do. This fall, Ketel One Vodka introduced its virtual reality experience, which serves as the latest articulation of the Nolet family’s obsessive attention to detail and innovation.

Ketel One Virtual Reality leverages cutting edge technology to transport users directly into the heart of the brand, offering a firsthand look at the home and crafting of one of the world’s best-selling vodkas. With more than 25 hotspots and 360° views across never-before seen environments, users can tour the famed Nolet Family Distillery, step into the lively streets of Schiedam, Holland and engage in an immersive cocktail demonstration narrated by Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff. Throughout the holiday season, more than 80,000 limited-edition Ketel One Virtual Reality viewers (approximate value $15) will be packaged with 1.75 liter bottles of Ketel One Vodka where legal.

When celebrating tradition and milestones, Ketel One Vodka reminds you to please drink responsibly and secure the perfect designated driver.

Source: Diageo

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