KFC UKI Launches New KFC Delivery Campaign

The brand new campaign showcases those things you can’t quite do in a KFC restaurant but can do in the comfort of your own home, and will run ahead of KFC’s sponsorship of ITV’s 2022 FIFA World Cup coverage later this year.

As the autumn and winter months roll in, KFC has launched its most recent campaign – and it’s all about the beauty of enjoying a KFC at home, via delivery.

Whether you’re peckish during your Sunday morning lie-in, enjoying chilling in your pants or just want to put your feet up on your table, the ads look at some of the things that would be frowned upon in a KFC restaurant, but that you can comfortably do at home when no one is watching.

Featuring super slow motion coupled with a matter-of-fact voiceover and a heavy metal classic – Breaking the Law by Judas Priest – as backing track, the ads leave little doubt about what’s totally socially unacceptable in a restaurant (so don’t get any ideas) – but that KFC delivery is here to the rescue.

Jack Hinchliffe, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC UKI: “Winter is coming, and as the nights get longer, it’s hard to think of anything better than enjoying KFC in the comfort of your own home. And that’s what this campaign is all about… Doing what you want to do; slip those PJs on, put your feet up, turn on the TV and order delicious Original Recipe chicken straight to your door. It couldn’t be easier.”

Richard Tahmasebi, Creative Director, Mother London: “There’s a lot of stuff you can’t do at KFC. Reasons of propriety, decency and practicality mean that certain behaviours are prohibited. These are fair and reasonable prohibitions, but prohibitions, nonetheless. And that’s why there’s KFC Delivery. Because sometimes you want to do some of that stuff while you enjoy your chicken. That’s where our new campaign comes in.”

The campaign will run across all channels ahead of KFC UKI’s official sponsoring of ITV’s 2022 FIFA World Cup coverage, from late November until the final on 18th December.

Source: Mother London

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