Kraft Promotes Mac & Cheese as Family-Saving Thanksgiving Alternative

Kraft is poking a bit of fun at Thanksgiving culinary traditions and promoting its mac & cheese as a viable alternative, especially for kids who won’t eat their Brussels sprouts or candied yams.

While the meal is a time to give thanks for family, friends and the bounty of food on the table, sometimes that food doesn’t appeal to everyone, especially restless kids. So, for this Thanksgiving, Kraft is encouraging parents to bring Kraft Mac & Cheese to the table so everyone can enjoy a struggle-free celebration.

With 75% of American families claiming to have at least one picky eater at home, according to a Kraft Heinz study, Kraft is positioning its mac & cheese as one thing parents can rely on to please these particular members of the family.

A video promoting the move, ‘#ThankfulForMacNCheese’ finds a woman at a busy dinner table, skewering a few of the foods many serve. “Green bean casserole, cranberry sauce that’s still in the shape of the can. Things that we eat one day a year that seem totally weird the other 364. Unless you’re a kid. Then they seem weird all the time.”

She then asks for forgiveness for heating up Kraft Mac & Cheese during Grace so her kids can enjoy their meal quietly, making for a tantrum-free mealtime.

The 90-second spot by Leo Burnett encourages people to share their thanks for Kraft Mac & Cheese using #ThankfulForMacNCheese on social media.

“We want to give parents a moment of relief during the Thanksgiving stress,” said Michelle St Jacques, senior vice-president and head of brand and R&D at Kraft Heinz. “Kraft Mac & Cheese is not only guaranteed to get a smile at the table from your kids but also allows the parents to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and the company of family and friends … and maybe a glass of wine.”

Source: The Drum

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