Krave Campaign Generates 76,498 Twitter & Facebook Posts

Krave has revealed that its ‘tweet when u eat’ campaign has generated a total of 76,498 Twitter and Facebook posts; with eight per cent of those involved saying that they eat the cereal.

The research, carried out by Crimson Hexagon using its ForSight system, found 54 per cent of users have engaged with the Krave campaign to date.

Kelloggs intended its campaign to be driven by YouTube branded videos, but consumers engaged in a completely different way, with six per cent using social to admit that they ‘crave’ the cereal.

However, of those discussing the product on social, four per cent commented on how good it tastes, compared to 5 per cent of sentiment has being negative with users commenting that they are not a fan and that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks.

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