Laive and J. Walter Thompson Search for Worst ‘Butter Fingers’ Goalkeepers in Peru

Laive butter and J. Walter Thompson Peru, launch a hunt of “butter fingers” football goalkeepers in Peru to select the worst and take them to the World Cup in Russia to learn from the best, in its new TV spot.

This spot is part of an integrated campaign which includes TV, digital and OOH, and draws a breaking point for the brand’s communications, in particular, and for the category, in general.

“The ‘Butter Fingers’ campaign marks a communicational milestone in the brand’s history, choosing a different tone and freeing itself from the classic creativity linked to our  breakfast, to take ownership of an unexplored field for a dairy products brand and using a very strong insight amongst football fans,” explains Henry Trou, Marketing Manager at Laive.

“This campaign leaves behind common prejudices of dairy products. The creativity leaves the kitchen and the ‘happy product consumption’ format, to get inside a football field. We capitalised an insight deeply attached to the soccer culture which is the ‘Butter Fingers’ goalkeeper nickname and aligned it with the brand claim which is ‘Everything gets better with Laive butter’ in a story that uses humour,” adds Diego Livanchoff, Creative VP at J. Walter Thompson Peru.

Source: Little Black Book

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