Lay’s Wavy Brand Delivers New Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt Flavored Potato Chips

000864524_001_206822_200With the average adult consuming about 2.3 pounds of garlic each year, the demand for garlic in the U.S. clearly speaks for itself. In fact, Americans regularly turn to the flavorful bulb to add a delicious twist to just about any dish – from appetizers and main courses to desserts and even snacks.

Now, as fans across the country prepare to celebrate National Garlic Day on April 19, Lay’s Wavy, the ridged-cut potato chip brand from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, introduces another way to enjoy this beloved spice with the release of new Lay’s Wavy Garlic & Sea Salt flavored potato chips.

“Garlic is a tried and true flavor – one our consumers have loved for decades,” said Jennifer Saenz, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay. “With Lay’s Wavy Garlic & Sea Salt, we’ve brought the popular flavor back with a sophisticated sea salt twist – for an entirely new ridged potato chip taste experience that can be enjoyed with a favorite dip or straight from the bag.”  

In conjunction with the release of new Lay’s Wavy Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt flavored chips, the Lay’s Wavy brand is also introducing completely re-imagined packaging across the entire product line.

Marking the first packaging change in the product line’s 20-year history, the new Lay’s Wavy chip bags will offer a more modern look and feel, with vibrant colors and a font that exudes the brand’s approachable and playful personality to better appeal to its target female consumer.

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