LEAP Shows How to Push It for WowHydrate

Innovative drinks brand, WowHydrate wanted to differentiate their product from other soft drinks in the sports and energy category, so they commissioned LEAP to create a CGI video demo sequence that would showcase their unique push-cap technology.

Unlike other sports drinks which sit pre-mixed on the shelf, WowHydrate is activated by the customer at the moment of use.

To fulfil the brief, LEAP created a CGI animated sequence using precise modelling with photo-real textures which shows the red push-cap system as it infuses the water with electrolytes and flavour.

LEAP’s creative approach echoes the look and feel of the brand design, animating the packaging colours like racing stripes which highlight the product and flavour varieties.

WowHydrate have been working with LEAP on pack shot photography and other CG imagery projects; they have shared the product demo video on their social channels.

Source: LEAP

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