Leerdammer to Launch Cheese Toastie Van in the UK

Popping up at London’s Southbank Observation Point on the 24th of August (plus two secret London locations on the 25th and 26th) the UK’s favourite sliced cheese brand, Leerdammer, will be encouraging you to upgrade your lunch with mouth-watering cheese toasties and slices of Leerdammer.

Being a nation obsessed with cheese, what better way to liven up your lunch than with the deliciously cheesy and unique taste of Leerdammer? And, giving you the chance to add a tasty and totally free twist to your lunch, Leerdammer will be visiting London armed with thousands of cheese slices, as well as a limited number of the nation’s favourite comfort food (available on a first come first served basis) – the humble cheese toastie, but with a surprising twist…

The yellow Leerdammer van will be stopping off at London’s Southbank Observation Point between 10am-8pm on the 24th August, where you will be served either a slice of the Dutch cheese, or a delightfully delicious freshly made toastie packed full of melted cheese, ready to Leerdammer your lunch! Give your taste buds a tantalising treat as each bite oozes with Leerdammer’s distinctive mild and nutty flavour.

Keep your eyes peeled for our yellow van on the 25th and 26th August in London, for your free Leerdammer slice. You’ll also receive a redemption voucher for 50p off your next pack of Leerdammer.

With its exceptional taste and iconic holes, the Dutch cheese is a firm favourite when it comes to adding a nutty twist to any dish. Leerdammer is also the first major UK cheese brand with a Free Grazing pledge, meaning that Leerdammer’s cow will be outside enjoying the fresh air for at least six hours a day, for a minimum of 120 days a year, when the weather is not too hot or cold.

For anyone who can’t make it down to see us, or for more scrumptious recipe inspiration, visit the Leerdammer website where you can find an array of flavourful recipes created by celebrity cook, Rosie Birkett.

Source: Leerdammer

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