Leo Burnett India Doubles Up on Joy for New McDonald’s Campaign

Leo Burnett India has launched a brand new campaign inviting people to come and relish McDonald’s Double Patty range of burgers under its limited edition – “Doubles Fest.”

The campaign is based on the insight that it’s even better when you get double of something you love.

The overall creative articulation for the campaign is centered on a catchy jingle to the chorus, “One is Oye!, Two is Oye Teri!” The TVC, launched on 8th January, 2015, features a catchy jingle which is set to the tune of everyday moments of fun and joy.

double-patty-burgersKedar Teny, Director, Marketing and Digital, McDonald’s (West and South), said, “The aim was to celebrate the New Year with our guests by adding one more layer of love into their favourite burgers. Simply put, we added one more patty to the most loved burgers. The multimedia campaign aims to bring alive the proposition ‘one is good, two is better’ in simple yet memorable executions.”

Raj Deepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett India, said, “It’s a refreshing and relevant campaign that delivers the doubles message in a clear and entertaining manner.”

Hitesh Mehta, Vice President Planning, Leo Burnett India, added, “The campaign effectively highlights the appeal of double patty burgers without diluting the equity of regular single patty burgers.”

Sachin Kamble and Prajato Guha Thakurta, Executive Creative Directors, Leo Burnett India, said, “The beauty of the campaign is that it speaks to the youth in a language that appeals to them.”

Apart from TV, the campaign is also running across Radio, Print, Outdoor and Digital.


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