Leo Burnett London Celebrates McDonald’s Worldwide Universal Appeal


Leo Burnett London has launched an outdoor campaign for McDonald’s to show that no matter where you are in the world, its all time favourite menu items transcend the barriers of language.


Running on 6- and 48-sheets, the ‘Learn’ campaign shows McDonald’s’ iconic products – Big Mac, Fries and McNuggets – pictured alongside other everyday items with the foreign translation of their name.


For example, the ‘Learn Hawaiian’ execution shows a lamp, a violin and a camera, which are known as ‘Kukui’, ‘Pila’, and ‘Pahupa’iki’i’ in Hawaii, alongside McNuggets, which are known as McNuggets the world over.

Matt Lee and Pete Heyes were the creative directors. The copy and art direction was by Laura Randall, Gareth Butters, Matt Lee and Pete Heyes.

Media planning was by OMD UK.


Source: Leo Burnett London

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