Lidl Launches Gingerbread Gin – and it Only Costs £10

With Christmas just a month away, Lidl is about to start selling the ultimate festive gin flavour tasting of gingerbread.

The liqueur flavour is packed with spicy ginger notes and warming cinnamon, and costs £9.99 for a 50cl bottle.

The flavour will hit Lidl’s store shelves next week, but they’re only going to be available as long as stocks last, so we’d advise you to head to the stores quite soon if you don’t want to miss out.

The gin is a liqueur meaning it has a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) rating at 20 per cent compared to other gin bottles.

Lidl recommends shoppers to mix the gin with a bit of espresso coffee as well as a splash of single cream for the ultimate Christmas cocktail.

All you need to do to create the easy cocktail is combine the three ingredients in a cocktail shaker along with plenty of ice, and then strain into a chilled martini glass.

Lastly, garnish the drinks with a dusting of cocoa powder and then serve straight away.

Gin has rocketed in popularity over the last few years, and sales were up £45 million in 2017.

So it’s no wonder that brands are getting more and more creative in their gin products.

Source: The Sun

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