Lucozade Sport Unveils New Design & Rebrands Low Calorie Variant

13882574_1399075956774085_1879480786181418191_nLucozade has introduced a new bottle design for its Sport line of drinks to make the brand stand out on shelf and help consumers to identify the different flavours in the range.

The new Lucozade Sport bottles feature a textured grip and ‘waist’, making it easier to hold when on the move. The design aims to drive purchase intent through eye-catching colours and textures which the drinks brand says will ‘reflect the contemporary world of sport and exercise’.

100804_Lucozade-sport-new-bottleLucozade has also rebranded Lucozade Sport Lite to Lucozade Low Cal to better communicate the fact that it contains just 50 calories.

Lucozade Sport head of marketing, Steven Hind said: “We’re really excited about the new look Lucozade Sport bottles. It’s important that we stay up to date and give our loyal fan-base the best possible experience when using our drinks. We feel that the fresh innovative new look will help Lucozade Sport stand out on shelf and make it easier for people to find their favourite flavours”.

The packaging refresh follows the brand’s announcement of its sponsorship of World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, which will be supported by a £6m ATL and shopper campaign in September.

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