Marmite Loses Bestselling Spread Title to Rowse Honey

marmite_2321702bMarmite has lost its position as Britain’s favourite branded toast-topper to Rowse Honey as the UK’s love-hate relationship with the savoury spread took a turn for the worse.

Sales of Marmite dipped 5% in terms of value and 1.2% in volume while sales of Rowse Honey soared nearly 18% in value and 21% in volume according to trade journal The Grocer’s 2013 top products survey with market research company Nielsen.

Rowse attributed its climb in popularity to honey’s versatility as a cookery ingredient and not just a spread, which has played to the booming popularity of baking this year.

But Marmite was not the only brand to lose out. A number of other household names have also had a tough year. Heinz Beanz sales slid 11% in volume and 6.9% in value, with total sales of all beans in the UK down 8.3% to 24.1m kg this year, according to the survey. Tea sales were down 6%, with the Tetley brand seeing the biggest decline – down nearly 16% in volume.


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