Martell Unveils Limited Edition “La French Touch” by Etienne de Crecy

The Martell House unveiled a new electrifying limited edition: La French Touch by Martell, at the famous Wellington Private Members Club, London, in presence of Etienne de Crécy, pioneer and emblematic figure of the House music cult movement and creator of the limited edition.

la-french-touch-by-martell-beautyshot-24-HRA contemporary expression of French Art de Vivre

The French Touch and Martell have been cultivating the same quest for quality, the same demand for shared emotions, and the same desire to show the world –through a modern treatment- this French Art de Vivre celebrated for 300 years by the oldest of the great Cognac Houses.

Etienne de Crécy, the living incarnation of the French Touch, behind the artistic direction of this limited edition commented: “A bold move! Creating a limited edition which goes beyond the mere universe of one designer and which conveys an extra dimension, something bigger, with more energy… La French Touch! I’m very proud to have been chosen to orchestrate this limited edition.”

A vivid & sophisticated energy tribute to the Parisian nights

etienne-de-crecy-23-HRAlong with Martell blue, the neon lights, iconic modules of the French Touch, have here become the signature of this limited edition. Used in interplay of vibrating lines, with UV ink, they create an electrifying dimension evoking the unique magnetism of the “City of Lights” nights.

Available in Martell VS, Martell VSOP and Martell Noblige, the limited edition glows in the dark in night venues, and in this way enters into the trend with its strong codes, an association of power and elegance, which will electrify the night in Paris and the world over.

“Designing, producing, and putting a bottle of Martell under the spotlights… There’s something both elegant and exciting about that,” concluded Etienne de Crécy.

la-french-touch-by-martell-event-with-etienne-de-crecy-22-HRAn immersive experience

La French Touch is aiming to offer a fully immersive experience, from the limited edition bottles to an exciting signature cocktail – a blue cocktail mixing Martell VS, blue curacao liqueur and top tonic, glowing in the dark under UV lights- and an electrifying, neon atmosphere, as the 200 VIP guests could witness yesterday at the famous Wellington Private Members Club. Etienne de Crécy then levelled the energy up, offering an exclusive set to the crowd, from his very first hits to his latest album Super Discount 3.

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