McCann Lima Presents Cusqueña Beer’s New “Good Made Better” Positioning

McCann Lima signs the newly release 60” TV spot that presents the new brand positioning for Cusqueña Beer, the most iconic beer brand in Peru.

The TV spot highlights the uniqueness of Peruvian culture, in gastronomy, fashion, architecture etc.. stating that Peruvian rather then settling for the established seek to create their own path, therefore they could only be satisfied by one of the best premium beers in the world.

The initiative encompasses digital actions and a second TVC is expected to be aired next June.


Client: Cusqueña
Agency: McCann Lima
Creative VPs: Mauricio Fernández-Maldonado, Christian Caldwell
Creative Directors: Jomi Rivera, Pipo Galván
Creatives: Alvaro Soto, Gonzalo Paredes
Account service: Juan Camilo Correa, Ana Corina Estrada, Claudia Falcón
Planning: Juan Luis Arteaga, Alessandra Noceda
Production director: Alonso Palomino
Agency producer: Pimi Ravizza
Production house: SANGRE
Film director and general production: Antonio Sarria + Sangre.
Post production: Lunatic
Client approval: Bernardo León Cantella, Carmen María Bell-Taylor, Karina Perez Castro, Annika Alfaro, Kiara Kottke and Katherine Caballero

Source: McCann Lima

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