McDonald’s let people escape inflation by traveling back in time

With the campaign “Deals Stuck in Time”, McDonald’s and the agency NORD DDB offer people a way to travel back in time to find old McDonald’s deals and hence avoid rising prices caused by inflation. By using Google Street View, people can locate over a decade old McDonald’s out-of-home advertisements all over Sweden and unlock a great deal that has been stuck in time.  

Inflation is continuously causing prices to rise. Luckily, there is a place where good old McDonald’s deals are immortalized – Google Street View. A recent update to the navigation tool allows for users to revisit geo-locations throughout history, and old McDonald’s out-of-home advertisements, dating as far back as 2009, can be found on the streets of Sweden.

Out-of-home advertisements for the campaign Deals stuck in time will run in the exact same locations as some of the McDonald’s billboards which have been stuck in time on Google Street View, and act as time portals to better deals. The time travelers who locate a deal from the past on Google Street View can bring back the offer to the present on the campaign site – and then apply it when ordering in the McDonald’s app.

  • McDonald’s have had good prices and many good offers over the years. We thought it was a good and fun idea to revive old McDonalds offers and allow for ”time travels”, especially at a time when price is discussed more than ever. We hope that people will take the chance to travel back in time and enjoy their McDonald’s favorites like it was 2009 all over again, says Staffan Ekstam, marketing director at McDonald’s Sweden.

The campaign is communicated through DOOH and OOH along with film, audio, and social media. Deals Stuck in Time is exclusively available in Sweden. 

  • Who doesn’t want to go back in time to when a cheeseburger was 10 Swedish kronor (1 dollar)?, says Viktor Einarsson, creative at NORD DDB.

The campaign website can be found here:

Source: NORD DDB

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