McDonald’s Shares Lovin’ with Customers in the United States

McDonald’s is now randomly accepting Lovin’ as a form of currency. Following the launch of McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin'” Super Bowl commercial, the company is bringing the idea to life at participating restaurants across the United States.

Beginning on February 2, the fast food chain will allow customers pay for their food with displays of affections, which can include selfies, hugs, a phone call to your mom, a little dance, or a high five.

“McDonald’s is in a unique position to bring a little more lovin’ to our customers,” said Deborah Wahl, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA. “We’re on a journey to change the relationship and conversation and Pay with Lovin’ is a direct way for us to engage with our customers. We believe that a little more Lovin’ can change a lot.”

172692This deal is only available at certain times, and a McDonald’s employees inform a customer if they are picked to pay with “Lovin’”.

“Pay with Lovin’ is a wonderful reminder of what McDonald’s has always been about – great food and great fun,” said Paul Hendel, a McDonald’s franchisee based in Manhattan. “It’s going to bring a brand new energy to our restaurants while also strengthening our relationships with our customers.”

This promotion runs through to Valentines’ Day on February 14.

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