McDonald’s Take their Time But Finally Fire Back at Balenciaga’s Latest ‘Copycat’ Move

Last August, fashion house Balenciaga dropped a new mule that observers thought looked a lot like the containers for McDonald’s French fries.

About a half year later, McDonald’s, along with agency Nord DDB finally took the time to respond to the “copycat” move, with an Instagram post during Fashion Week Stockholm featuring McDonald’s “authentic” version of the French Fry slipper.

It’s reminiscent of when Ikea reminded consumers that a new addition to Balenciaga’s collection was a mere rip-off of its iconic blue Frakta bag. In that case, however, Ikea took only about a week to respond. 

McDonald’s announced that if its Fry shoe post got 103,042 likes, it would make the slip-ons for real. The post currently boasts about 17,000 likes, so it looks like the fry mules have a ways to go.

Source: Ad Age

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