McDowell’s No.1 Extends ‘Spirit of Friendship’

One of India’s leading Whiskey brands, McDowell’s owes its success to the efforts in reinventing and being relevant to consumers over the last 40 years.

Over the last 4 years the brand has been addressing its young Indian target audience with its positioning as the “The No.1 spirit of friendship” with the intent to add cheer to moments of camaraderie and friendships amongst the youth.

The Brand is all about youth friendship and bonding. But to connect with consumers at a deeper level just communicating this is not enough. The brand vision has to lead to brand behavior. Rather than just talking about what it is and what it believes in, the brand needs to show what it stands for.

The core idea was take an integrated approach to communication where advertising was a part of what the brand would do. It was important to actively engage with the youth in a way that brought McDowell’s positioning to life. So the attempt was to create something that enabled the young Indian to do what he loves the most have something fun to do with friends and bond with them.

Music has always been at the forefront of the young Indian’s favorite hobbies. It is omnipresent as background to conversations, parties and having a nice time with friends. Increased exposure to international artists, albums, the usual Bollywood blockbusters blasted everywhere coupled with the encouragement from growing popularity of talent shows, the hidden singer in young Indians is slowly emerging and finding an outlet for self-expression in Karaoke.

The erstwhile bathroom singer is finally out in the open. So much is the ongoing craze for Karaoke in the country that it is now considered an interesting activity to indulge in with friends and one of the main attractions that pull in youngsters in pubs and clubs. The Brand wanted to enter the conversation, be a part of it and enable the youth to participate in this activity.

McDowell’sHence, Karaoke became McDowell’s No.1’s perfect opportunity to reach out to its consumers and tell them what it is all about – fun and bonding with friends.  The McDowell’s No.1 Karaoke App and Communication: The Karaoke app is an easy to download mobile App across all platforms, which plays out the background music of a variety of popular hits.

The aim of the app, created by DDB Mudra South, is to make moments involving the participation of friends whenever and wherever, bringing to life the role of McDowell’s No.1 as the No.1 spirit of friendship. McDowell’s No.1 leveraged its brand ambassadors Cricketer Chris Gayle and his friends – actor Purab Kohli and Indian Idol Chang to come up with a fun commercial.

Vipul Thakkar, ECD, DDB Mudra South said, “The McDowell’s No.1 Karaoke App is meant for a group of friends who want to have a good time regardless of the time or place. With this app you don’t need to be at a party, or a specific venue, and neither do you have to be a great singer to enjoy karaoke. And what better way to communicate this than to show a hard-hitting batsman become a singing sensation overnight and belting out totally different kind of hits from his app.”

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