• Launching on Thursday 19th January in Shoreditch’s iconic BOXPARK, London from 9am -6pm
  • Meatless Farm helps Brits eat one million more plant-based meals this January as new research reveals only 1 in 10 (13%) UK adults eat their five a day
  • The brand is also launching their “Flex it Friday” campaign as research suggests consumers are more likely to creative in the kitchen running into the weekend

Meatless Farm is launching the UK’s first ‘Automated Plant Machine’(APM) in response to its recent research that found almost all Brits (96%) don’t know what constitutes a portion of fruit and veg and 9 in 10 (87%) don’t eat their recommended five portions a day. The APM is a planty twist on an ATM/cash machine that dispenses free veg and plant-based food.

Launching on Thursday 19th January at the iconicBOXPARK Shoreditch, next to Shoreditch High Street station, which plays host to over a quarter of a million commuters each week. The Meatless Farm APM will operate from 9am until 6pm as it’s revealed the UK population is lacking in both plant consumption and knowledge.

Helping people to connect with their plant-based side and flex their thing this Veganuary, the Meatless Farm APM launch kicks off the brand’s initiative to help people eat one million more plant-based meals by giving away fresh vegetables, packs of seeds to grow a variety of veg, Meatless Farm’s number one plant-based mince and delicious recipe inspiration – all dispensed at a touch of a button.

The brand’s recent survey also revealed that a mere 6% of consumers currently take part in ‘Meatless Monday’ but two in five (39%) feel more inspired to try something new in the kitchen heading into the weekend. As a result, Meatless Farm is launching ‘Flex it Friday’ with creators across Instagram and TikTok to create exciting plant-based Friday recipes.

The APM on Thursday 19th January will be supported by influencers and ambassadors from the brand throughout the day, encouraging meat eaters and vegans alike to “flex their thing” the following day, providing delicious recipes and products for people to try for their very own Flex it Friday.

Morten Toft-Bech, Founder & CEO of Meatless Farm said: “Meatless Farm has always been about encouraging meat eaters to eat more plants – our products help people do that but there is also a bigger conversation to be had around British food culture. Meat still sits at the heart of most plates, simply because of availability and familiarity.

“Enjoying more plants as part of a healthy diet can have a huge impact on our health as well as that of the planet, which is why we’ve launched the world’s first APM, to make it easy for people to flex the traditional meaty dishes they love and help people to eat more plants at a time when people are feeling the pinch.”

The strategy and campaign has been developed and delivered by creative PR and social agency, Nexus Communications.

Source: Meatless Farm

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