Milan Comes to Marylebone with the Launch of New Restaurant Concept

That's VaporeThat’s Vapore is opening its first site in London at Marylebone’s Baker Street this week. The expression itself tells the story, ‘Vapore’ after all means steam in Italian and this is exactly how the delicious menu is prepared.

Brand design agency Caulder Moore has created new branding and packaging, with a positioning of ‘steamy goodness’ to support the launch in the UK market. The store environment compliments the Milanese flavour of the brand and is an exciting design that has the steaming process at its heart.

The design has a very typographical and linear approach to replicate the steam pipes used in the restaurant cooking process. The copy has the cheeky Italian passion of the brand with ‘steamy’ references. A playful Museo font complements the pipework interior creating the impression of steam while reflecting the passionate Milanese spirit. Packaging and signage take elements of the ‘steamy’ language to tie the branding together.

The restaurant interior has a graphic led branding solution to create a striking and inviting place to stay, eat lunch or take-away. Walls are emblazoned with the ‘steamy’ graphics and playful language to reinforce the unique offer. A long counter showcases the meals ready to be steamed while customers wait. Flashes of green are taken from the logo together with textured sleek blacks and copper metal piping running around the interior to evoke steam. Low industrial hanging lighting gives an intimate yet urban vibe.

That's VaporeFounder Vanni Bombonato, and his partners Enrico Vigano and Fabrizio Lacono, felt, “We needed to make our new opening stand-out in London’s busy Baker Street, and show off our Italian passion for healthy steamed food and good coffee. As our first site outside Milan customers need a lasting impression of That’s Vapore, and I think the clever use of language in the branding achieves that.”

Philip Marshall, Director at Caulder Moore commented on the project, “The striking graphic led branding and environment really work together to make a bigger impact for That’s Vapore. Using playful language about steam shows customers what is unique about the restaurant. It is direct and starts a dialogue from the street outside.”

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