M&M’s Celebrates The Movies In Trailer Satire

M&M’s Chocolate Candies have been a staple in movie theater snack cases for decades. Now, they’re bringing the movies to television.

Mars Chocolate North America announced M&M’s Brand plans to showcase a humorous spoof of action movie trailers during the 2015 Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 22 on ABC.

The 30-second spot is designed as a mock movie preview, and highlights how watching movies is even better with M&M’s.

The ad features all six of the M&M’s Brand “spokescandies” putting a delicious spin on classic action-movie scenes – Orange driving a runaway bus; Red interrogating an alleged criminal; Blue leaping from a burning building – in a manner that so closely resembles a movie trailer you might start to believe “M&M’s: The Movie” is coming to a theater near you.

Although this marks the television debut of the commercial, a similar treatment of the creative ran in cinemas nationwide throughout 2014. That version served as a “public service announcement” asking for audiences to please turn off their cell phones during the movie.

Both the TV commercial and the cinema PSA were created by BBDO New York.

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