Moët Hennessy Welcomes Solar Impulse to New York

hero-10-HRAs an Official Partner of Solar Impulse and Host Partner of the Mission Control Center in Monaco, Moët Hennessy accompanies Solar Impulse at every moment of its round-the-world tour.

AcrossAmerica_FinalLeg_FlightWashingtonDCNewYork_LandingJFK_MerzOn Saturday, June 11th at 4:00 am, Jim Clerkin, President and CEO of Moët Hennessy North America, greeted pilot André Borschberg on the tarmac at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport.

He presented him and Bertrand Piccard with a custom “Solar Impulse” golden jeroboam of Moët & Chandon champagne to celebrate his arrival and all of Solar Impulse’s accomplishments thus far.

Solar Impulse is the only airplane with almost unlimited endurance capable of flying day and night without fuel and without emissions. Solar Impulse set 8 world records during the first half of its round-the-world tour in 2015. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, the two Co-Founders and Co-Pilots, flew a total of 19,957 km across 7 countries in 255 hours.

Solar Impulse Final Leg Flight WashingtonDC NewYorkThe adventure picked up in April 2016 when Solar Impulse left Hawaii for California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The next flight will be to cross the Atlantic Ocean, landing somewhere between Dublin and Morocco on its way back to Abu Dhabi demonstrating that a pioneering spirit, innovation and clean technologies offer opportunities for a better world.

“Celebrating Sustainability”

Solar Impulse and Moët Hennessy seek to raise awareness of the vast potential of clean technologies. Together they celebrate a leap towards a better world.

Solar Impulse Final Leg Flight WashingtonDC NewYorkMoët Hennessy Chairman and CEO Christophe Navarre explains: “Like the visionaries behind Solar Impulse, André Borschberg, and Bertrand Piccard, we see not only a duty but also opportunities for improvement through protecting the environment. We rely on nature to create our luxury wines and spirits and promise to nurture her and leave her in a better place for the next generation. Our environmental policy sets high standards, with even higher ambitions.”

All Moët Hennessy wines and spirits are fruits of the earth. Their excellence results from the quality of the soil, the attention to the land and the craftsmanship of the men and women who create them. Moët Hennessy embraces a proactive environmental policy to preserve this heritage based on seven key pillars: sustainable agriculture, energy, water and effluents, waste and recycling, ecological design, a green supply chain and choosing responsible providers.

Solar Impulse Final Leg Flight WashingtonDC NewYorkAs an example of sustainable agriculture, all of Moët Hennessy’s Champagne Maisons – Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, Krug and Mercier – achieved recognition as Sustainable Vineyards. Here in the United States, California wineries Domaine Chandon and Newton Vineyards obtained Napa Green Winery certification.  In a further expression of its commitment to sustainability, Newton Vineyards alternates vines and wooded areas to maintain greater biodiversity.

Pioneer Spirit

Moet Hennessy official partner of Solar Impulse - LandingIn addition to being an innovator in sustainable development, Moët Hennessy is defined by breaking boundaries, both geographic and human. From the beginning, each brand sought to attain higher levels of excellence and share their products with new consumers across the world. Today, Moët Hennessy exports 95% of its production and is the world’s leading producer and exporter of luxury wines and spirits.

Moët Hennessy North America President and CEO Jim Clerkin explains: “Moët Hennessy brands have long been associated with innovation and a pioneering spirit. We are incredibly proud to be a part of the Solar Impulse journey and are thrilled to welcome the aircraft to New York City. As the United States is home to some of the greatest inventors in aviation, hosting the aircraft here further solidifies Solar Impulse’s place in American history.”

Pilot Andre Borschberg lands in New York completing the 14th leg of the Round-the-World Journey and completing the US crossing

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