Morrisons Releases New Ads to Promote Premium Own Brand ‘Best’ this Christmas

Morrisons and Publicis London have launched their first spate of Christmas ads to promote the supermarket’s premium own brand ‘best’ range.

The luxury tabletop spots, directed by Yann Secouet, focus on the quality ingredients and visually stunning outcome of the best range. Separate commercials showcasing the Best range British beef brisket and beef dripping roast potatoes, Canadian lobster and Cromer crab macaroni cheese, Bramley apple frangipane tart and the supermarket’s wine collection are all thematically connected.

To accompany the minimalist visuals, Publicis and Morrisons partnered with London music company, Finger Music, to inject the spots with a classical yet subtle Christmas score. To create the elegant seasonal composition, Finger enlisted Hungarian composer, Robert Gulya, to compose and record the track with a full orchestra.

“The brief was to compose a piano-based classical piece, with a memorable theme or motif,” explains composer Robert Gulya. “I thought a waltz would be the best approach to represent the elegance of the products without being too in-your-face. However, to give it an understated festive feel, I added a subtle glockenspiel at the end of the composition. This Tinkerbell motif also works as a device to add a memorable structure to the melody across all of the spots.”

Deciding to finish the commercial by recording the composition with a live orchestra, Robert and Finger Music connected with the Budapest Orchestra remotely to record the final song.

Commenting on the remote composition, Producer at Finger Music, Clare McGrath says: “With technology like Skype continually improving, it makes it easy to work with the best musicians around the world, without compromising budget or time schedules. Samples these days are great and they will always have their place but you can never beat the real deal, especially with an orchestral piece.”

Having studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, and written music performed by the Budapest Orchestra, Robert has always had close ties to the orchestra.

“Robert is classically trained and hugely experienced,” adds Clare. “He has years of experience working on movies, live performances and TV commercials. He’s worked on several projects with remote orchestras and has spent years building up relationships with some of the best musicians around the world. His longstanding relationship with the Budapest Orchestra meant we knew they would be the perfect people for the job.”

The commercials will run on TV and online from Friday 11th November.

Source: Publicis London

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