Mug Shot repositions to appeal to everyday snackers with design by Brandon.

This month sees Mug Shot unveil a new look and feel with identity and design by Brandon.

Mug Shot, owned by Symington’s, is a range of healthy and convenient hot snacks and soups, designed to fuel healthy appetites, but new players had entered the market with exciting Asian-inspired flavours and Mug Shot needed to re-engage its existing (and potential) consumers with its own taste credentials. Symington’s asked Brandon to reposition the brand from a ‘better for you’ low calorie snack to a deliciously satisfying mug full for every day snackers.

Consumer research showed that across both buyers and non-buyers people really related to the moment of eating a hot snack out of a mug – there’s something about it that’s comforting and good for the soul – and it was this that led to the brand positioning of ‘Comforting Moments’. Mug Shot isn’t trying to be a foodie brand; just great tasting, warming food with comforting familiar flavours.

Mug Shot

Design Director at Brandon, Bobby Wells, explains:

“We really wanted Mug Shot to connect emotionally, so we introduced a bold aroma device to capture that comforting moment-in-time that everyone can enjoy. It also nicely brings the brand mark together with the food photography, which we switched to a top-down shot to really highlight the food and flavour credentials that consumers are looking for. Finally, a toned-down colour palette helps to remove any connotations that it’s for kids.”

Simon Ellis, Client Services Director at Brandon says:

“The main challenge with this project, like so many, was to appeal to non-users while also ensuring that we didn’t alienate or lose existing buyers. This is something we hear so often, but in order to solve it, you have to really understand what it is that non-buyers want and what it is that existing buyers like. Then you need to make it relevant to both audiences. With Mug Shot, we’ve made the product feel heartier and full of flavour, while still maintaining some key elements of the brand that existing users will recognise and like; a proud brand lock up with a recognisable logo and distinctive health claims.”

Christine Everett, Head of Brand at Symingtons says:

“Initial feedback from consumers shows that the new navigation system has made it easier to identify different flavours and ingredients, and Mug Shot’s new bold and iconic look now has the broader appeal and that all-important shelf-standout that we were looking for. Brandon has been an invaluable partner in setting Mug Shot up for future success.”

Source: Brandon.

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